All you need to know about custom cosmetic boxes:

Cosmetic products have always been in demand among women. But nowadays the trend of using cosmetic products have reached men as well. Moreover, cosmetics are representative of beauty products and people can become very picky in their selection while buying. Besides, cosmetic box packaging comes in multiple shapes, sizes, and layouts. Apart from that, in the present era, the demand for custom cosmetic boxes has increased as it helps in giving a unique look to the boxes. The custom-designed cosmetic boxes with vibrant colors scheme matching your product can capture the attention of the out lookers and helps in convincing them to buy your product instantly.

In the present era, the packaging boxes have become necessary for encasing cosmetic products whether you are working on a small or large scale or E-commerce. Custom cosmetic boxes made from fine material helps in securing the product from dust and humidity thus helps inn maintain its original state for a longer time. Besides, by using different embellishments you can add more beauty to the cosmetic boxes.

Styles for custom cosmetic boxes:

Different styles are available which helps in providing an ever-lasting effect in customer’s eyes. Given below are some styles which you can use to give an incredibly fantastic look to the boxes.

  • Tuck-end series
  • Two-piece box
  • Sleeve box
  • Mailer box
  • Gabble box
  • Pillow box
  • Dispenser box
  • Hexagon box
  • Triangle box
  • Pyramid box

All the above-mentioned boxes are unique in their way. Moreover, you can suggest your ideas regarding the styling of boxes as well.

  • Two-piece box:

This box comes in two parts. One part contains lid and other work as a lid for the first part. Moreover, these two parts separate from each other when you open it and fit into each other when you close it.

  • Sleeve box:

These boxes come in two parts as well. The two parts separate from each other in the opposite direction when you open it and come together again when you close the box. Moreover, the sleeve box provides complete protection to the product due to its exceptional grip.

  • Tuck-end boxes

Some boxes come with panels and flaps. These boxes have some further types which are reverse tuck-end straight tuck-end, auto-lock bottom, and sealed tuck-end. This style of boxes provides complete protection to the product inside it. Moreover, you can use these boxes for many purposes like food, gifts, and cosmetics and so on.

  • Mailer boxes:

Mailer boxes are multi-purpose boxes. Their usage is not restricted to just mailing purposes. They are in use for retailing, e-commerce and many other purposes. Apart from that, mailer boxes have different forms which are front tuck-end, double-wall front tuck-end, telescopic boxes.

  • Gabble boxes:

This box is mostly in use for food purposes. Moreover, you can see these boxes in most of the restaurants in your town. Besides these boxes have a specific color which is the special thing about this box style.

  • Dispenser boxes:

These boxes are mostly in use for retail purposes. Besides, this box contains a space at its lower sides which makes it easy to take out the product from inside. Moreover, you can use these boxes to promote a product as well. Products like pocket tissues and inhalers come in this type of boxes.


Coatings provide a smooth surface to the boxes. Different types of coating are available from which you can choose anyone as per your choice.

  • Matte
  • Gloss
  • UV

Matte coating gives a dull and plain look to the boxes. Whereas, gloss coating provides a shiny and shimmery look to the packaging. On the other hand spot, UV is useable for the specific part of the boxes. You can give a shiny effect to a hones part by using spot UV and the rest will remain matte.

The Cosmetic Boxes is among other companies that are offering its services in providing the best custom cosmetic boxes to appeal customers towards your product. Moreover, this company stands among the well-known packaging firm. Besides, they provide discounts and packages to make their customers happy as customer satisfaction is their priority.

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